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Watch: Grand Marais featured on Crafts in America

PBS’s Crafts in America focuses on the ways woodcrafts enrich and support the economy and social fabric of Grand Marais, and keep wealth in the community. Catch it December 16 on your local PBS station.

“The new roles Hedstrom Lumber plays in this community include providing economic diversity to the area to counterbalance the strong tourism focus, offering full-time careers with living wages and benefits so that people can put down roots and establish their own homes here, and preserving local history while acknowledging past damages done to the peoples and lands of this area,” said Tina Hegg Raway, Hedstrom’s vice president of finance.

“As the film crew recorded one of our signature classes –  a build-your-own timber frame class led by Gerald David – they also captured the simple and satisfying joy of working with your hands. Simultaneously, they underscored our investment of our community in hands-on learning and the affirming tangible connection between nature, the materials, and traditions of our home in the North,” said Greg Wright, North House Folk School executive director.

More information and details in this Boreal News story.

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