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Broadband Webinar Series

Leaders in the Minnesota and national broadband scene share insights and tips to transform communities into tech-savvy destinations.

Blandin Community Broadband Program webinars are designed to provide rural Minnesota leaders with information they can use to help transform their communities into tech savvy places to live, work and visit. Communities serious about attracting new businesses, entrepreneurs, young people, and tourists must consider technology and Internet access as an essential amenity for community economic growth and vibrancy.

Webinars are recorded and archived on the Blandin on Broadband blog. Click the links below to register for individual webinars.

Broadband Leadership Roundtable Discussions:

Join us Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am for weekly roundtable discussions on a variety of broadband-related topics. The goal of the roundtable is to increase the ability of local broadband leaders to solve their local broadband puzzle. Anyone is welcome to join and participate, to ask questions, to promote broadband partnership opportunities, to share positive experiences and express frustrations. Host Bill Coleman will have some topics ready to go, but there will always be time for your particular question. The key to these sessions will be active discussions so that requires active participation.

Since we can’t get together over coffee, bring your own and join us! You can register for the roundtables here.

Special Webinars:

Broadband Leadership Webinar Series: Creating Successful Broadband Infrastructure Projects

The coronavirus pandemic has made it clear that access to broadband is necessary for everyone. Communities cannot merely hope that a comprehensive broadband solution will be delivered to their doorsteps; local leaders must take an active role to ensure their community’s long-term broadband needs are met — that broadband is an asset, not a constraint.

The series addressed broadband infrastructure project planning best practices and tips – from partnering effectively with ISPs and units of government, to working with broadband consultants, to successfully applying for public funds.

Topic Description
Series Overview (archive)
March 31
A review of the entire broadband development process.
Setting the Vision (archive)
April 2
The hows and whys of developing a shared community broadband vision to engage community leaders, citizens, and broadband provider partners.
Broadband 101 (archive)
April 7
An introduction to various broadband technologies highlighting capabilities, liabilities, and comparative costs of each.
Community Broadband Surveys (archive) – April 9 An overview of broadband surveys including a comparison of random sample surveys and canvassing techniques, key questions, the importance of GIS mapping technology, and data ownership considerations.
Broadband Mapping (archive)
April 14
An introduction to broadband mapping data sources, with demonstration of various GIS capabilities for data display and grant eligibility determination. Strategies for challenging broadband map data will be discussed.
Ownership Models and Provider Partnerships (archive) – April 16 An overview of models concerning network ownership and operations providing options for working with existing and prospective partners.
Feasibility Studies (archive)
April 21
Presentation and discussion of the key elements of broadband feasibility study design, implementation, and use; including tips on selecting a consultant.
Federal and State Broadband Finance Programs (archive)
April 23
An overview of existing and emerging broadband finance programs.
Local Broadband Finance Options (archive) – April 28 An introduction to the finance tools available to cities, counties, and towns to assist in broadband development.
Communicating to Achieve Your Community Broadband Vision (archive) – April 30 A strong messaging plan is essential to building citizen and elected official support for broadband projects. Learn how to plan your messaging strategy. 
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