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Meeting Peoples’ Needs

Networks and resources essential to daily life

A truly vibrant community will be the one where every member has both options for their life and the ability to pursue those paths to their fullest end. Successful, healthy communities identify and categorize the interventions required to move a community in that direction.

Basic Needs

A healthy community is a place to live where all people can meet their needs: economic, social, physical, cultural, and spiritual. Communities define and design solutions that most effectively address their unique opportunities and leverage the available resources.

Infrastructure and Services

Communities have the quality, quantity of and provide access to services that sustain quality living conditions, and support a network of services to meet residents’ needs.

Spirituality and Wellness

Healthy communities recognize that people do best when they are sound in body, healthy in mind, and grounded in values that direct their lives.

Lifelong Learning

All ages have access to educational opportunities that enable them to participate in and contribute to community life to the fullest extent of their potential. Learning is seen as a means to help people be productive members of community, and emphasizes the need for a variety of educational opportunities.

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